Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wow- Finally Here!

Hi All! Ok, I know I’m a bit late when it comes to blogging. I have to thank my friend Jonah, because if it were not for his spot I would still be out of the loop! With all that being said, Howdy all! If you have not noticed the title of this blog it's pretty straight forward...Love, Faith and Hope- Think Big and you will reach the top. To make it plain, GOD CAN DREAM A BIGGER DREAM FOR YOU-- so let him. I'm trying it myself and though it's not easy to “Let Go and Let God", it’s worth it to try. Not into the “Most High”? No prob, just be a part of positivity( not negativity.. life has taught us to believe in the negative) and know that what you emit is what you will receive. Keep at it, that is what I tell myself everyday. So let's "Think Big" and reach the top through Faith, Love and Hope!
Blessings to all and I mean ALL !
Thanks for stopping by. Gye Nyame [Here's a hint it's "twi" from my homeland of Ghana -- now go find out what it means :) ]

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