Wednesday, January 19, 2011

'Come with me...'

I recently visited the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute to do some research for a report. From the moment you step into the airy rotunda to the moment you leave the multimedia library brimming with countless nuggets of images, words, sounds, and facts; it is clear that the institute is much more than a museum.
The Institute is indeed a vault of artifacts laced with a catalyst air that will probe, yield, anger yet educate, hurt but heal, question and answer a kaleidoscope of emotional thoughts all with the hopes of motivating love for all.
Indeed, this is a place that impacts and leaves one with the charge.....

" How can you be a positive change in the world?"

I invite you to explore and simply be open to the experience one can find at the BCRI. In the end, I can assure you, you will leave with a sense that there is a vision for the betterment of human rights worldwide and together we all can contribute to a future that will continue to bloom as we learn, serve and progress.

May blessings, kindness and above all love, embrace and motivate you.

- BB

For more information on the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, please access the URL link below:

Location: Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Birmingham, Alabama
Photo Permission Granted

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